How to make a Twitter Bot in Python using Tweepy

make twitter both with Python Tweepy
Tweepy is a great Python library to work with Twitter. It can be used to create and manage tweets, do re-tweets and likes, follow and manage users, download tweets and several other operations related to Twitter.

Most common use case of Tweepy is to create a bot that can automate various activities performed by a Twitter user.

Real Python has a great tutorial on how to make a Twitter bot in Python using Tweepy. The tutorial covers:

  • Improve and automate your interactions with your Twitter audience
  • Install Tweepy
  • Sign up as a Twitter developer to use its API
  • Use Tweepy to invoke the Twitter API
  • Build Twitter Bots
  • Deploy the bots to a server using Docker and AWS

Real Python tutorial is available here.

Tweepy download page at GitHub [link here]

Image credit: Real Python

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